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Dar Hi Life, a new vision of hospitality 

Dar Hi is a citadel that seems to spring from the dunes of the Sahara, on the edge of the oasis village of Nefta. An establishment born in 2011 in the line of the hotel projects of Patrick Elouarghi and Philippe Chapelet, in collaboration with designer Matali Crasset. Their desire? To offer a new form of hospitality, focused on innovation and well-being. After the Hi Hotel in Nice and the Hi Matic in Paris, the trio created this eco-retreat in the desert landscape of Tunisia. Resolutely modern in its construction, the complex is designed to fit naturally into its environment and local life. Sand-colored, its facade intensifies and warms in contact with the sun. As for the interior, it is colored with the region’s hues and displays with virtuosity the materials and ancestral know-how. Dar Hi is a house. A home where travelers can rest in one of 18 rooms with singular views. Rejuvenate in the complex with a thousand and one wellness activities. Escape to the lush gardens and traditional cuisine. It is a home whose soul lies in the local community; for it is the village and its inhabitants who bring the place to life through their culture and practices. 

Dar Hi Life takes the hotel business to new horizons. Towards a unique space animated by the meeting, the exchange, and the sharing of local life. 

Dar Hi Life

Ezzaouia district, Nefta (Tunisia)

Louise Conesa