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A dream wardrobe by Rowen Rose

If you’re looking for a definition of chic, all you have to do is dive into the collections of the house of Rowen Rose. Launched in 2018 by the young and talented Emma Raphaëlle Rotenberg (aka Emma Rowen Rose), the label stands out for its dedication to a cinematic poetry that translates into lines, inspirations, and conventions from the 1960s, 1970s, and even 1980s. Not only looking to the past, the brand also knows how to take a step forward by joining the ecological movement that now affects fashion, with zero plastic and noble and sustainable raw materials.

Produced in Italy but designed in Paris, the pieces intoxicate us with endless elegance, structured cuts, feminine and masculine ambivalence, and a relaxed seriousness. Thus was born Rowen Rose or the dream dressing room of a bourgeois woman. Her latest collection, “Lines,” was immortalized by photographer Yosigo, who is more used to shooting architectural nuggets than fashion silhouettes. But when faced with Rowen Rose’s aesthetic, it was hard to resist – it’s probably because the brand’s universe takes us into a timeless capsule or because the young designer’s creative talent is close to that of an architect. Should we then call her, like two great gentlemen, Emma Rowen Rose: fashion architect?

Cheynnes Tlili