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A history of fashion. Collecting, exhibiting at the Palais Galliera

In its new exhibition, the Palais Galliera takes us into a waking dream. The visitor marvels at the treasures of the Fashion Museum of the City of Paris. Along the way, you will discover pieces by genius designers such as Alexander McQueen. Each garment has its own era and history. These archive pieces are real jewels. As you walk through the museum, you may come across ball gowns, clothes with colorful patterns and glittering ornaments. Creations by Paco Rabanne, Martin Margiela, and Alexander McQueen. The history of the place and its collections is told from the 19th century to today. The exhibition, presented since October 02, 2021, is subject to two successive hangings for conservation reasons, allowing visitors to discover the most rarely exhibited pieces. The second hanging will take place on April 02.

This exciting exhibition: A History of Fashion. Collecting, exhibiting at the Palais Galliera, can be discovered until June 26, 2022 at 10 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, Paris XVIe.

Flora Di Carlo