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The Michel Vivien boutique, a true architectural jewel 

It is in the heart of the rue du Faubourg Saint-honoré that the shoemaker Michel Vivien has chosen to present his shoes. The designer has teamed up with architect Sophie Dries. The designer wanted to highlight his singular universe where artisanal know-how and noble materials are intertwined. In this jewel of 100 m2 is hidden a secret floor. The first floor has an undulating walnut wall, three and a half meters high, that runs through part of the store. Opposite, the shoes are displayed on a modular set of solid-wood shelves, handcrafted by a cabinetmaker. The case and mirrors sparkle and are covered in gold leaf. The architect collaborates with artisans such as the Murano Glass Masters. The glass paste sconces are set into the wall with brass rivets. The carpets were custom made in eucalyptus fiber with moiré patterns reminiscent of silk. Their colors are inspired by a painting by Michel Vivien. The leather found on some elements of the store is an invariable between footwear and architecture.

Flora Di Carlo