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Perfumery: Dries Van Noten unveils 10 new fragrances with floral notes 

Non-gendered, these fragrances break industry conventions. “What do you feel when you walk through a garden? How do you translate a feeling, or an emotion?” are questions that Dries Van Noten has been exploring in his collections for decades. Notes of orange, iris, rose, vetiver, and patchouli fill the bottles of the Belgian label. Inspired by the designer’s garden in Antwerp, ten leading international perfumers worked closely together to create these exceptional fragrances. The range also offers creams and soaps, and all products are 85% natural ingredients, responsibly sourced from around the world. The glass perfume bottles are like apothecary vials, refillable and recyclable. The entire collection can be found in the Dries Van Noten boutiques in Antwerp, Paris, and Los Angeles and on the website:

Flora Di Carlo