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Discovering Namsa Leuba plunges you into an imaginary world of Afro-descendant identities. One must first become acquainted with all the colors, those of the sets and costumes, the make-up and the skins, without being surprised by the magical force of the whole. For it is through this that a hybrid narrative between vernacular reality and exotic fiction emerges. Namsa Leuba, who graduated in 2015, is already a household name, collaborating with numerous brands, such as Christian Lacroix and Dior, and was recently acclaimed with her first monograph, “Crossed Looks.” Between her Swiss and Guinean origins, she questions the imaginary created by the colonial West, and thus, undoubtedly, exposes us to the proud identity of her generation.

Namsa Leuba

Crossed Looks, Damiani editore, 2021

Museum of Fine Arts of Locle

Until April 24, 2022

Ana Bordenave