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 LORIS CECCHINI : Non-elementary particles

Loris Cecchini, a leading artist born in 1969 in Milan, explores in a playful and highly decorative way “a reconfiguration of our sense of space and our contact with the environment”. A “reconfiguration” which, on the first floor of the iconic sailboat-shaped tower rising above the artificial sands of Dubai, in the Pop-Up exhibition space of the very Italian and very international Galleria Continua, takes on a very special dimension… In addition to the use of bright, vibrant colours and eye-catching materials (much appreciated in the markets…), his main weapon for seducing – and destabilising – the eye is instability. Instability of form, often reduced to fluctuations (Wallwaves), vibrations (Quanta Canticum) and, above all, variations: his modular installations, composed of hundreds of intertwined steel bone particles, entitled Waterbones, form a large random memento mori against a background of psychedelic sandy landscapes (in polyester resin).

Loris Cecchini « Aeolian Landforms and other Particles »
Galleria Continua
Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubaï
Until 30 April 2022 

Stéphanie Dulout