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“Do works of art have the power to modify, by displacing them, our points of view on the contemporary world?” Such is the problematic, eminently political question posed by this exhibition, exploring the impact (visual and environmental, ecological and ethical) of images made by artists to allow us to see the world, such as they saw or perceived it, in its greatness and its miseries, its beauty and its strangeness, its mirages and its wounds… Traces, imprints, fragments, visions, extrapolations… of a perilous crossing putting at evil many dreams between two dazzlings. From the deserted immensities photographed or put in abyss by Enrique Ramirez to the tiny and deceptive worlds – blurring the border between plant and animal, human and non-human – of Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, passing by the charnel houses of chained tree trunks of Danh Vo or the “domestic chaos” trapped in the camera of Paulo Nazareth, Latifa Echakch’s ghosts, and Vidya Gastaldon’s rainbow rains. Here is the world in tatters illuminated or enhanced by dreams (sometimes funereal) and poetry (often disenchanted) of a dozen artists as inspired as they are involved. An exhibition co-produced by the Studio National des Arts Contemporains and the Pinault Collection.

Exhibition So far
Until April 30th
Le Fresnoy – Studio national des Arts Contemporains – Tourcoing

Jusquau 30 avril 2022

Stéphanie Dulout