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Slow travel in the Nuage Hotel style

In Paris, in the heart of the luxurious Champs-Élysées district, no one suspects that a bubble disconnected from the urban frenzy is hiding. The Nuage Hotel. An ode to responsible travel that gives a new value to the hotel industry. The establishment is no longer a simple stopover to sleep but a place to live, with time to rest… just like home. 

When he inherited the Hotel Mermoz in the early 2000s, Olivier Breuil discovered this hotel concept that combines luxury and simplicity. Two years were enough to transform the mid-19th-century building into a city retreat. A “cloud” above a city with a frenetic pace but a vibrant culture. To create this peaceful interlude, architect Jordane Arrivetz, with his agency, Notoire, conceived the establishment as a city house without superficiality, with soft materials and colors. The custom-designed furniture coexists subtly with handcrafted décor and an artistic selection conceived by curator Julie Barrau. Because before being an entrepreneur, Olivier Breuil is a passionate painter, whose work also punctuates the hotel’s spaces.

From the lobby to the 27 rooms, including the lounge-library and breakfast room, the Nuage Hotel seeks disconnection in every way possible. What could be better than a cinematic escape without moving? It’s in the basement, in a projection room with a hushed atmosphere, that travelers can continue a visual escapade. 

The Nuage Hotel is the experience of a smooth journey. An encounter with the hectic city of Paris at your own pace.

Hotel Nuage 

1 Jean Mermoz Street

75008 Paris

Louise Conesa