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Have you ever heard of Harads, a small village in Swedish Lapland where the river Lule flows? It’s high time you took an interest because it could be your next vacation destination… In this preserved nature, the Treehotel offers an exceptional hotel experience: treehouses with a unique design. The biosphere, the mirror cube, the bird’s nest, the UFO, and the dragonfly welcome visitors in a setting where nature, ecological values, comfort, and modern design come together to make each stay unforgettable. A peaceful place where time seems to have stopped. If the region abounds in cultural and sporting activities, many vacationers prefer simply to enjoy the enchanting natural setting that surrounds the Tree Guest Houses with its majesty. The highlight of the show? From September to March, you just have to look up to the sky to discover the dance of the Northern Lights. A breathtaking spectacle that can be admired from the treetops…

Yaël Nacache