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Agostino Iacurci, the muralist who revisits the history of art

An Italian artist based in Berlin, Agostino Iacurci is known for his monumental frescos. He creates works for private or public institutions from Taipei to London, and even Las Vegas, but it would be a shame to miss his achievements on a more human scale, where he questions the perception of art, like “Gypsoteca,” an installation presented in 2018 in Milan. This exhibition centers around the Greco-Roman sculpture: a representation of history which is summarized in our minds, wrongly, with masses of immaculate white marble. However, it is now proven that the sculptures were very colorful. It is to this polychrome universe that Iacurci pays homage, through a personal and contemporary catalog of the old, far from neoclassicism and traditional monochromy. The Italian takes us into a parallel universe where color is considered an archaic symbol and, at the same time, a contemporary reality populated by virtual ghosts with which to coexist. The program includes columns with capitals and busts in the form of sculptures and paintings. In one of his latest projects, “Hortus,” presented in the baroque chapel of the Italian Cultural Center in Prague, it is the image of the Fountain of Youth, a recurring theme in the history of art, that the artist has chosen to explore.

Lisa Agostini