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A winter cocoon in the metaverse

The designer Andrés Reisinger creates his virtual house in collaboration with the architect Alba de la Fuente

Dreamlike, soothing colors, transparency are the key words of the “Winter house” project: a concept specially designed for the metaverse. The two artists wanted to build a haven of peace and tranquility by making the house emerge in a winter setting. The building is supported by a large concrete structure rising from the ground. The glass walls invite light to penetrate the space, and nature itself becomes an integral part of the “Winter house.” The general atmosphere is inspired by different architectural movements, such as that of Dieter Rams in the early 1960s. Andrés Reisinger and Alba de la Fuente wanted to convey what the winter season might look like in the metaverse: powdery snow, crackling fire in the fireplace. Clearly, these parallel universes have not finished surprising us.

Flora Di Carlo