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In 1965, Alberto Biasi (a founding member of Gruppo N, the Italian branch of lumino-kinetic art) took part in the historic exhibition The Responsive Eye at MoMA in New York. Since then, he has continued to deepen his “optico-dynamic” experiments and their retinal reception by the viewer. The concept of “motor eye” gives the viewer primacy: based on the instability intrinsic to any form of life (defined by perpetual movement), but also on the breakthrough of the canvas (inaugurated by Lucio Fontana who, as early as 1958, pierced the canvas and thus opened painting to three-dimensionality), his monochromes in PVC cut out in fine twisted strips (following a torsion of the plan of 180° precisely calculated) are intended to catch the eye of the visitor who will activate the moving and vibrating geometrical configuration, bringing it to life … hypnotic and sensual.

Exhibition Alberto Biasi
Until March 12, 2022 
Tornuaboni Art Paris – 91, rue du Fg St-Honoré, Paris VIII

Stéphanie Dulout