Is the NFT a danger to copyright ?

What is NFT? A non-fungible token is a token that represents an object or a digital work that cannot be exchanged. It is a token that represents a non-interchangeable digital object or work. American artist Mason Rothschild designed the MetaBirkins models as a tribute to the iconic Birkin bag created in 1984. According to the […]

Three architectural nuggets to rent on Airbnb for a spring break

Poetic and rustic in Saint Paul de Vence Prévert’s former home has been transformed into a charming 100m2 apartment with a style that combines Provencal inspirations and contemporary variations. Already acclaimed by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the best Airbnb hosts in the South of France, this magnificent rental located in the heart of […]


Fashion photography? Retro-pop video clip? In her work, Martine Gutierrez uses visual conventions and stereotypical, popular iconography, except that she plays all the roles. At the same time photographer, costume designer, and model, unlike the advertisements of women’s magazines, the proposed image of herself is controlled, chosen, reappropriated. Thus, she is part of the lineage […]

Ecotourism or when green travel becomes hype

What if traveling green made getting away even more attractive? Perched cabins, ecolodges or ecological villas … all these green accommodations have, in addition to being eco-responsible, a power of seduction that is growing year after year. From the verdant nature of Costa Rica, to the heart of Utah, to Tanzania, the getaway is invigorating […]

The free forms of the Casa Orgánica   

© Casa Orgánica & Leandro Bulzzano

If the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright opened the way to organic architecture – that style of construction that embraces its environment – it is the Mexican Javier Senosiain who pushed it to its paroxysm with the Casa Orgánica, a manifesto house built in 1985 in the Mexico City area.  An architect, Javier Senosiain is […]