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Telosa, the city of the future designed by the studio BIG 

The Bjarke Ingels’ cabinet offers itself an umpteenth pharaonic project. On the agenda? A new city, located in the American West, whose objective is to accommodate 5 million inhabitants. This “city of the future” is called Telosa, from the ancient Greek “telos,” meaning “supreme objective.” Commissioned by the American billionaire Marc Lore, former head of e-commerce for the global retail giant Walmart, it also aims to be the most sustainable city in the world. And how? Thanks to the latest technological innovations with which it will be equipped: photovoltaic roofs, elevated water storage, aeroponic farms, etc. These facilities will be found on the Equitism tower, a true symbol of the city, located in the heart of the lush Telosa park. But this science-fiction city is far from Blade Runner, instead favoring a calm urban atmosphere where pedestrians, cyclists and “slow, autonomous cars” evolve peacefully. Futuristically designed aerial metros lit by a blue glow and flying means of transport complete the picture. It remains to be seen where this monumental project will take up residence. According to its website, the states considered would be Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona or Texas, and in the east, the Appalachians. The first residents should be able to settle there in 2030.

Lisa Agostini