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Behind our illuminated houses, there is an unmentionable night world, where plants and animals take over the space, where inanimate objects enter into conversations, where built walls are carried away in the mist and the light. This is the photographic world of Elena Helfrecht. This world appears to us closer to introspective narration or to the horror film; in love with a subjective slowness, like Maya Deren crossed with the magic imaginary of our childhood. Her book, Augury, plays with this functionalization. The young German photographer, already internationally exhibited, works in black and white, between landscapes, still lifes, and reinterpreted vanities, in strong contrasts of light, carried away by effects of flash or familiar moonlight.

Elena Helfrecht

Augury, Elena Helfrecht & Teri Varhol, Antics Publications, 2022

Ana Bordenave