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French gastronomy in the world’s cuisines

One thing is certain: the reputation of French gastronomy is well established. And if it has the merit of delighting the taste buds of the locals, it also shines abroad. All over the world, chefs like to put dishes from the French traditions on their menu. Here, Acumen presents three restaurants honoring the French cuisine. A pithivier in the Portuguese way, a bouillabaisse in New York, and a terrine of foie gras in the Italian way. Enjoy your meal!

Essencial Restaurante, Lisbon 

It is one of the most complex dishes to make: The pithivier, a distant cousin of the pâté en croute, is characterized by a superimposition of layers of game, all wrapped in flaky pastry. French chefs, such as Hélène Darroze, make it to perfection at Joia, but more than 1,500 kilometers from Paris, it is chef André Lança Cordeiro who makes it shine. In the bistronomic restaurant Essencial in Lisbon, where French influences rub shoulders with local and tasty cuisine, the chef’s pithivier is a must-try.

L’Osteria Francescana, Modena

Each French chef has his own well-guarded recipe for foie gras terrine. The star dish of the holiday tables is a real delicacy, and to enjoy this noble part of the goose, it is necessary to follow it to the letter. It is something that the three-star, Italian chef Massimo Bottura has always admired and sought to put on the menu of his gourmet restaurant in Modena, L’Osteria Francescana. This is an address not to be overlooked, as it was named best restaurant in the world in 2016 and 2018 in the ranking of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Thus, the foie gras terrine of the chef can easily compete with the cultissimo of Joel Robuchon.

Cheynnes Tlili