Photography as a caress “For me, photography is the opposite of detachment. It is a way of touching the other: it is a caress.” This magnificent definition of photography in the form of a declaration of love by Nan Goldin is a beautiful entry into the intimacy of the love scenes presented at the Maison […]

Oiseau Oiseau, the new nest of Sven Chartier in the Perche  

Settled in the Perche for three years, Sven Chartier, the former starred chef of Saturne, in Paris, and his wife Marianne, opened Oiseau Oiseau last October in their adopted region. Three days a week, they welcome an eclectic clientele, which mixes locals and Parisians on weekends, in a warm place that they renovated together. At […]


Trying to seize something that runs away, a form that disintegrates, catching the movement… it is this impossible task that, from the top of mountains, whether it is raining, winding or snowing, armed with his pencils and brushes and his beautiful fervor, Jean-Baptiste Née pursues relentlessly. He is the follower of a long line of […]


A multi-award winning South African art photographer, Gavin Goodman’s sophisticated yet minimalist point of view is astonishing. With a desire to create highly personal artworks and infuse interiors with them, he created Semblance, a gallery-quality photographic art publishing agency. Whether you choose a work already in the catalog or prefer to develop your own concept […]


Under the lens of Sarah Waiswa, faces are offered with gentleness, and individuals seem to dance in the sun of the African continent, bearers of history as much as of renewal. With her artistic and documentary work, photographer Sarah Waiswa seeks to translate the social issues of contemporary Africa, as a passage towards potential solutions. […]

Stedsans in the Woods, escape in the woods

In the south of Sweden, here is a place out of the ordinary… and out of time! Stedsans is the playground of two Danish chefs, Mette Helbæk and Flemming Schiøtt Hansen, who used to run a restaurant of the same name in Copenhagen, in the heart of the ØsterGro district. New life, new setting: it […]

The Calandre, an Italian family institution  

Chef Massimiliano Alajmo’s restaurant, founded in 1981 by his parents, Erminio Alajmo and Rita Chimetto, is the place where he delivers Michelin-starred cuisine in Padua, Veneto, in northeastern Italy. Despite their success on the international scene, Massimiliano and his brother Raffaele have maintained the authentic spirit of the restaurant they inherited, reinterpreting the classics of […]


Behind our illuminated houses, there is an unmentionable night world, where plants and animals take over the space, where inanimate objects enter into conversations, where built walls are carried away in the mist and the light. This is the photographic world of Elena Helfrecht. This world appears to us closer to introspective narration or to […]


The dream factory A field strewn with stars, a delivery of full moons, a swarm of fish… A virtuoso of distortion and collusion of images, playing with photographic illusionism with the irreverent audacity of poets and the deceptive ingenuity of magicians, Erik Johansson has been dreaming, imagining, constructing, and photographing since 2007, parallel worlds born […]

L’Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, an ultra-confidential interlude in Shanghai

Unusual: that’s the least you can say about the experience that a handful of “happy few” (10 customers per evening) can enjoy in Shanghai, at the address kept secret until the last moment by French chef Paul Pairet. Awarded three stars in the Michelin guide, this table is like no other: the lucky ones who […]