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Diego Faivre : objects per minute 

After working in a factory as a “blue collar worker,” Diego Faivre, who attended the Design Academy in Eindhoven, became aware of the value of time, which was evaluated, calculated, and recorded. A real indicator to evaluate human performance. A concept he wanted to explore through his “Minute Factory,” which underlines our obsession with time and money. The principle is simple: the price is determined according to the time spent on the piece, at a rate of one euro per minute. To do this, the designer uses industrial waste, such as cardboard tubes, plastic boxes or wood scraps. The only element that does not come from recycling is the clay that dresses the pieces and gives them this unique organic appearance, initially used by children in China as a teaching tool. A true signature for the designer, this clay also demonstrates how the use of a single resource can lead to a whole range of different creations. The designer also sees his “Minute Factory” as a physical reaction to the rise of mass production, and thus strives to combat a form of collective identity that does not allow for the expression and cultivation of personal identity.

Lisa Agostini