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Who is Gab Bois, behind the brioche Camaleonda that has gone viral? 

Last January, the irreverent Estonian rapper Tommy Cash sent the web into a frenzy with a picture of himself sitting on a baked sofa. The connoisseurs’ eyes easily recognized the legendary sofa designed by B&B Italia in 1970 by Mario Bellini. But who was behind this unexpected (and happy) crossover between this design icon and this symbol of carbohydrate-rich comfort food? Gab Bois, a 24-year-old multidisciplinary artist from Montreal with a particular gift for photography. Her credo? Ingenious photomontages, playing with our perception of the real and the unreal, and with the visual discomfort of her viewer. Her raw material? Everyday objects, from food to clothes, from cell phones to those good old headphones. A singular and subversive universe that she has compiled in a book “New Album” published by Anteism Books. 

Lisa Agostini