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The geometric colors of Daria Zinovatnaya

“Since my work is based on the use of color, I wanted to make this rug collection bright and unusual, connecting different planes of color in one composition. I think this rug collection turned out to be interesting and supremacist,” said Daria Zinovatnaya on the occasion of her collaboration with the Spanish carpet publishing house Gan. And indeed, for the discerning eye, in the work of this young Ukrainian designer, born in the early twentieth century, we also detect a touch of Bauhaus. But the energy and the benevolent roundness that emerge from Daria Zinovatnaya ‘s creations also suggest an ounce of Pop Art or Memphis. In short, all the best the 20th century had to offer. She also borrows from Henri Matisse, his play of shapes and colors through her collection of seats, bearing the same name as the painter to whom we owe the famous “Blue Nudes.” And it is this happy synthesis, these homages skillfully introduced by the designer, who opened her own studio in 2017 in St. Petersburg, that brought her luck and led her to a Red Dot award the same year, rewarding her collection “Cherokee.” Three years later, she received an award at NYC x Design. A boundless creativity that lingers as well in the design of space, lighting, furniture, but also works of art inhabited by vibrant colors.

Lisa Agostini