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Six N. Five or the poetry of the virtual 

Just like its colleague Andrés Reisinger, Six N. Five is part of a generation of artists and designers who know how to make 3D digital creation an artform taken seriously by their contemporaries. A recognition accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, and ratified by the arrival of the precious NFT, giving the creations of the metaverse a status almost similar to that of a physical work of art. Behind this Barcelona-based studio is Ezequiel Pini, a 37-year-old Argentinean who has dedicated his art to the creation of “digital and real worlds and experiences with a clean and modern aesthetic.” He has several high-profile collaborations to his credit, including Apple, the venerable Italian publishing house Cassina, Microsoft, and Burberry. Last January, as the world learned of the death of the great Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill, the designer made a post on Instagram evoking a collaboration between his studio and that of the father of the Antigone district in Montpellier. The designer was also honored by AD magazine, which placed him on its list of the most influential designers of 2021. Ezequiel Pini has all the markings of a great designer. This is due to his creations with ethereal and soothing atmospheres, which occasionally come to life in the physical world through furniture, such as “The Opposite” and “Oil Chair.” It seems that he has succeeded in his mission to legitimize CGI (computer-generated imagery) as a new means of artistic expression. 

Six N. Five

Lisa Agostini