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Vanessa Schindler’s resin jewelry

Highlighted during the 2018 edition of the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories in Hyères, during which she won the Grand Jury Prize and the Public Prize, Vanessa Schindler continues her work in the world of jewelry, halfway between the craft and the experimental. 

Resin. A material that seems to bring luck to the designer, as it has followed her throughout her career. “I started to use it in the first experiments of my Master’s project because I wanted to find a way to rethink the assembly of clothing and accessories. I had this somewhat utopian desire to work them like sculptures by trying to ‘mold’ the textile,” she explains. Now focused on jewelry design, Vanessa Schindler continues her exploration of the famous material. “After having worked extensively around the self-stabilization of resin (via her “Chains” collection, ed.), I wanted to explore more three-dimensional forms. I wanted to keep this feeling of liquidity of the material. After several experiments, I discovered that wax cast in water produced fascinating and surprising shapes. They look a bit like science fiction fossils! “And indeed, Vanessa Schindler’s “Hoops” creatures seem to come from a whole other dimension, halfway between rock tanned by the ravages of time and strange beings in full gestation. As for the future, Vanessa Schindler says she “did great research to find a more sustainable resin” which led her to “a bio-resin produced in Switzerland with organic raw materials” that she now uses.
Notice to lovers of her collection presented at the Hyères festival in 2018! If the contours of her next collection are still unclear, the designer says she wants to “return to the garment by working in the form of series and unique pieces.” To be continued. 

Lisa Agostini