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Antonin Bonnet: an outstanding chef

Antonin Bonnet is a master of the culinary arts. A former disciple of Michel Bras – having also worked at L’Oustau de Baumanière – he arrived in Paris and brought with him his first star at the renowned Sergent Recruteur. His childhood spent in Lozère, immersed in nature and surrounded by animals, forged an eco-responsible philosophy that he integrated into his professional life. This approach has become his trademark: tasting Antonin Bonnet’s signature dishes is almost a committed act. Each product is carefully sourced, treated with the utmost respect and for waste: zero tolerance, everything is used wisely.

This is what he proposes at Quinsou, his table that he opened in 2016, awarded a Michelin star in 2018, where he offers a raw, Korean-inspired gastronomy (his partner Jina being originally from the Land of the Morning Calm).  A true artisan of taste and good eating, his attachment to ecological principles led him to open his own butcher shop, Boucherie Grégoire, just a few steps from his restaurant. He sold the most noble cuts and kept the trimmings to decorate the broths and other preparations of Quinsou. A radiant project that unfortunately closed its doors last October, due to successive confinements. However, the latter allowed him to open Mimibaba: a Korean pop-up borrowing the nickname of Jina, a second wind during this period of eight closed. As the chef has shown so far, his cuisine and his innovative ideas have not finished amazing us.

By Cheynnes Tlili


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