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Casablanca: the sunny brand of Charaf Tajer

Solar atmosphere, radiant silks, chamarré palette: the rising brand Casablanca no longer has to prove itself. Already almost iconic before being born in 2018 thanks to its creator Charaf Tajer, known for having piloted for seven years the secret but mythical Parisian nightclub: the Pompon (it is even said that it would be in this nightclub that Virgil Abloh would have mixed for the first time), the house continues its ascent to the top, after having obtained the LVMH 2020 Prize. It invokes the sunny sweetness of Morocco, not only for its name, which is actually a tribute to the designer’s fashion designer parents who met in a workshop in Casablanca. But for its vitaminized patterns, the fluidity of its cuts and its look of a vacation wardrobe. It is in particular this energy that Charaf Tajer integrates into his creation. His lines give an undeniable chic to his streetwear pieces, an ambivalence that is the very foundation of his brand, between Morocco and France.

By Cheynnes Tlili