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Safa Sahin : creator of the shoes of the future

The young Turkish shoe designer transports us into a universe mixing avant-garde and science fiction with brio. A genius that leads her to the head of the shoe department at Balmain.

Impossible not to have fallen on some pictures posted on Instagram, revealing a pair of Balmain briefs even more futuristic than the future itself! A graphic line almost unprecedented, giving the impression of diving his feet in a ship, a space shuttle or maritime, a UFO giving right to all illusions as the design is stunning. This avant-garde nugget is a creation signed Safa Sahin, new genius of the sneaker and cyborg shoes. Arrived from Turkey after having accumulated diplomas; one from the shoe design department of TSIIF in Turkey (Turkish Shoemakers Industrialists Institute Foundation) in 2008, another in art and design obtained at the Albertine Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, idem at the University of Marmara in Istanbul and finished top of his class with an umpteenth diploma in painting at the University of Konya Seljuk in his native country. Safa Sahin also accumulates exhibitions between Turkey, Italy and the USA as well as numerous awards. At the end of his successful career, the young designer worked for six years at Nike where he created pairs of sneakers more surprising and daring than the others. His creativity caught the eye of another genius, Olivier Rousteing, who appointed him head of the shoe department at Balmain, allowing him to put his originality and his avant-garde vision of shoes at the service of a fashion house. His creations are like pieces of art, straight out of a video game or SF scenario, confirming once again that the future of fashion will be 3.0.

By Cheynnes Tlili