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“Venus & Adonis” immortalized by Rachelle Cunningham

Inspiration can come in many ways. For artists, these moments of uncertainty, as we have experienced over the past two years, can be a source of endless inspiration. This was the case for Shakespeare in 1592 when he wrote his first play “Venus & Adonis” in a London exempt from culture with the closure of theaters due to the plague that ravaged the city. Inspiration was born everywhere. This was proven by the young painter Rachelle Cunningham, adored for her dreamlike universe, by paying homage to this first play by the playwright, on clothes signed Fête Impériale. The French brand founded in 2015 and known for its bold prints has partnered with the young artist for the duration of a capsule collection to present artworks on fabric. A true stroll through Rachelle Cunningham’s romantic imagination, led by the work of William Shakespeare.

By Cheynnes Tlili