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Carsten Höller : Sensory

On the borderline between art and science, Carsten Höller’s light installations are less a matter of plastic research than of aesthetic experimentation. Born in 1961 in Brussels, the German artist (who lives in Stockholm) was trained as an entomologist before devoting himself to what has been called “relational aesthetics”. The MAAT exhibition, which brings together his luminous productions from 1988 to the present day, offers visitors the chance to experiment with his Roaming beds, or wandering beds, by renting them for the modest sum of 200€. At the end of the night, the floor will bear the imprint of the nocturnal wanderings of the sleepers cradled randomly by the robot beds, which, adding up over time, will form a gigantic labyrinth of lines: are we still coming back to drawing?… 

Exhibition Day

at MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Lisbon

Until February 28, 2022

Note: a program of meditations at 7.8 Hz (brainwave frequency in a relaxed and dreamy state) is organized throughout the exhibition.

Stephanie Dulot