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The political poetics of Kubra Khademi

She tells us stories, myths, and realities. Between painting and performance, her body is exposed. he Afghan artist Kubra Khademi has been drawing since her childhood, and performing since her studies in Kabul. The ochre bodies she draws resemble her. “They are all me, and they are all other, there is no difference,” she says, countering the easy interpretation of narcissism. Neither naïve nor egotistical, self-representation is self-awareness, and stereotyping here is awareness of what society sees of us. In her reflections, the artist keeps her humor. Thus, she chooses to calligraph texts of the poet Rumi, where the mystic meets the vulgar. The preciousness of her mother tongue ironically draws a bridge between history, culture, and imagination.

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Par Ana Bordenane

Kubra Khademi