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A ramen just like in Tokyo

Staycation is also about taste. In the second arrondissement of Paris, the Kodawari Tsukiji restaurant transports its diners to Tokyo’s historic fish market, which closed permanently in 2018. The escape is immersive. Soundtrack, fish stalls, luminous lanterns: Jean-Baptiste Meusnier, the founder of Kodawari establishments, has pushed the journey beyond taste. The chef had already hit the nail on the head in 2016 when he opened his first restaurant: Kodawari Ramen. Three years later, he is once again making his mark by opening this second address with its exotic charm. Always respecting Japanese flavors and techniques, quality and authenticity are also guaranteed by the sourcing of its products and its 100% Tokyo-based menu. An experience out of time and (metaphorically) out of Paris.

Kodawari Tsukiji
12, rue Richelieu, 75001 Paris

À retrouver ici.

By Cheynnes Tlili

Kodawari Tsukiji