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The return of wool in design

The real and the beautiful, such is the trend in decoration. Between traditional know-how and innovation, wool finds new uses and diversifies with art.

Long confined to fashion, and considered too rustic for chic interiors, wool is enjoying a revival of interest in design, driven by the dynamism of professionals in the wool industry. Created in 2009 in Felletin, the Lainamac association works to promote it. Its showroom has seen a growing number of interior designers and decorators come and go over the last three years, particularly during the last Paris Design Week. The evolution of our society towards the consumption of local, eco-responsible products with guaranteed traceability has indeed accelerated with the Covid-19 epidemic, as the confinement has encouraged the French to spend money to improve their living environment. A comforting material, wool is able to satisfy the desire to curl up inside. Standardized decoration, even if luxurious, is less popular. The trend towards authenticity and handmade products benefits wool, a noble material whose advantages are being discovered by professionals. Insulating, hygroscopic, and fire-resistant, it can be shaped in many ways, allowing new uses to be imagined. The creator of Luxdawn, Lyse Drouaine, has thus noticed that wool – willingly mixed with other fibers – is increasingly present at the Filo show in Milan, dedicated to textiles. She herself weaves wool with silk, cotton and linen threads, interwoven with optical fibers to create luminous panels. She is now looking to combine them with acoustic insulation properties. Innovation also lies in the combination of different skills. Ghislaine Garcin plays with textures by combining knitwear and felt to create her small collections of objects and rugs. With the Nuno Silk technique, Laurine Malengrau composes wall decorations in wool and silk, to which she associates all types of fabrics, to create effects of material and transparency evoking abstract paintings. The illusionist work of wool is also expressed in the vases of Jenny Braeckman – Mö creations feutrées. Sculpted in felt, stiffened by their starching, they have the transparency of a porcelain biscuit. From tradition to art, wool opens the field of possibilities.

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Par Sophie Reyssat