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Janis Média : un podcast pour les mélomanes

For music lovers, a multitude of anecdotes. For the curious, the discovery of a story behind a track. Janis is a “containment baby,” created by the digital musician booking agency LiveTonight. Born in April 2020, Janis immediately positioned itself on the podcast, in addition to the articles and videos its site offers. Freshly launched, two episodes are currently available, so far based on conflicting relationships: between John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and between David Gilmour and Roger Waters. A long story full of anecdotes, stories and details about the lives of music legends. The whole, punctuated with musical commas, makes listening more than pleasant and allows you to immerse yourself in the artists’ heritage. We can’t wait to discover the third episode, which “shouldn’t be too long,” according to Hugues Ranjard, editor and author of the podcast.

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By Cheynnes Tlili