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Hiromi or architectural ceramics

Johanna de Clisson is an artistic director. A few years ago, a return to manual creation resurfaced in her. It is the clay that will answer her expectations. This material, for which a few gestures are enough to see appearing a concrete form. While utilitarian ceramics is at its peak, Johanna turns to a radically different aesthetic. Under the name of Hiromi, she ventures into a wildly free and yet precisely mastered creation. In her sculptures, sometimes luminous, some will see a Japanese influence with their undulating forms, like a wave. Others will interpret fantastic silhouettes in her ovoid suspensions. However, architecture is the key word that builds her whole reflection around the earth. Like an architect, she writes down her ideas in her notebooks and draws her guideline. A coherence is born between each of her pieces. Imagined as modules that group and isolate themselves, her earthenware pieces, left unfinished, are the symbiosis of a rigorous material and a voluptuous silhouette. “Free-spirited,” Hiromi promises surprising future creations!

By Louise Conesa

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