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Fashion on every screen

Luxury flirts with geeks. Recently, it was Balenciaga who jumped the gun and created a collection of virtual and real clothes for the video game Fortnite. Before him, Nicolas Ghesquière, a gaming afficionado, had designed theLeague of Legendsavatars with Louis Vuitton. Gucci, Moschino, Miu Mio, one after the other, houses are crossing the border of reality and designing pieces that we can never touch. In its report on digital fashion, The Lyst Index looks at the future of this fashion called “screenwear“. According to the study, the trend is particularly aimed at “digital natives”, those born with an IPhone in their hands, who spend hours on Twitch and swap fitting rooms for augmented reality filters. They have become the new target of luxury houses, pushing them to deploy all their efforts around the virtual. A universe that they easily confuse with the real world and where the importance of being stylish also applies to their avatar.

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By Cheynnes Tlili