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Eroticism as seen by Karla Sutra

It is during her travels that Clara imagines Karla Sutra. A creative project that wishes to give back to sensuality its rightful image for all to see. Inspired by the Mediterranean, the young artist is influenced by the art of mosaics and tiles, creating her own iconographic language. Scenes of “illusionist sauteries” which, through a game of mirrors and geometric composition, deceive our perception and titillate our senses. From her posters in the streets, Karla Sutra follows her thread of sensuality to discover new supports. After the urban space, she infiltrates our interiors through the culinary world. The carnal work of the earth leads her to imagine a collection of tableware. Surprise plates which, with each bite, allow us to gradually discover subtle erotic scenes. Without design or constraint, the designer explores this subject with accuracy. After ceramics and her silk creations with the brand Pame, she designs a collection of tableware with Amélie Pichard and touches the material of glass. Could this be the next medium for Karla Sutra? To be continued…

By Louise Conesa

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