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And you, you tuft?

Guillaume Neves started tufting three years ago when he was looking for the Untraceable rug and launched Atelier Paolo. And if today we can find this weaving technique everywhere, it was not the case when Guillaume started. “There were only a handful of us interested in tufting.” There was very little information about the technique and the material was also difficult to access, ” he explains. Since then, the concept has been emulated. His method makes it possible to create carpets in record time and with very little equipment. All that is required is to insert wool at high speed onto a stretched canvas using a tufting gun. “I get a lot of requests for training courses or workshops,” he continues. From the private individual to the young creator, the playful process is accessible and subject to much covetousness – one of the reasons that pushed the young entrepreneur to launch online training that will be available at the end of the year.

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By Cheynnes Tlili