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From nature to the work of art

After studying literature and art history, Cécile Humeau, a French artist, has turned her work towards nature. She draws and paints oversized flowers and trees with which she seems to communicate. For the artist, the body of the trees is similar to the body of the man. “Drawing these portraits of trees forces me to penetrate their intimacy. The lead pencil digs into the bark. Gouache illuminates the secret parts of the wood. The pastel helps me to dive into the humid, misty, fragrant atmosphere of the wild forest.” Cécile Humeau’s works reveal imaginary landscapes of skies and mountains and take us to the heart of the immense depth of nature.

Exposition « Pastels et pierre noire »
Galerie Nicolas Deman
12, Rue Jacques-Callot, 75006 Paris
Du 22 au 27 novembre

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By Mélissa Burckel