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The first French railway start-up, Midnight Trains, aims to bring back to life the mythical night trains. We can’t wait to get on board!

A new project by Adrien Aumont, co-founder of KissKissBankBank, Midnight Trains is a complete night train offer, combining hotel, catering, and concierge services, to travel across Europe in comfort. By 2024, the railway company hopes to open its first lines from Paris on distances of 800 to 1500 km. Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Berlin, Porto, Barcelona, Venice: the biggest European cities should be served directly by train. An unprecedented alternative to air travel.

Adrien Aumont, an experienced entrepreneur, started with the observation that aviation was in a monopoly situation when it came to travelling long distances. Under the guise of speed, this way of travelling actually generates a lot of wasted time, anxiety, and fatigue. Not to mention its harmful ecological impact. With his sidekick Romain Payet, they are looking for a pragmatic and concrete answer that would give travelers strong emotions. Reinventing the night train was an obvious way to travel better. A harmonious solution, combining comfort, practicality, and respect for the environment.

At Midnight Trains, the journey is as important as the destination. On board, no more impersonal sleeper cars. To travel alone, as a couple, with friends or family, the start-up offers private cabins with a refined design and top of the range bedding. More than just rooms, these are real cocoons in which the night is as relaxing as in a hotel. And Midnight Trains has no intention of denying its customers the pleasure of dining. Seasonal products, house cocktails, craft beers and wines can be enjoyed at the bar, in the restaurant or in the room. For the greatest pleasure of the taste buds…

Inspired by the infectious enthusiasm of the Roaring Twenties, Midnight Trains offers a unique travel experience to be enjoyed from the moment you board. The final word? Get in the car!

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By Yael Nacache


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