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It is impossible to walk around Paris today without coming across shops promoting the benefits of cannabidiol, also known as CBD. If this active ingredient from cannabis has been creating so much buzz lately, it’s because the European Court of Justice has ruled that CBD is legal in France. Since then, this market has continued to develop and has become a fashionable phenomenon.

Many virtues

In cosmetics, parapharmacy, and food, the hemp molecule is playing an increasingly important role. Why is this ? The reason is simple: «I feel much more relaxed, less anxious since I have integrated CBD oil in my routine,» says Emilie P., 25 years old. Indeed, according to studies conducted by scientists, CBD would have, among other things, therapeutic virtues: it calms anxiety, thanks to its soothing properties, reduces stress, and allows better sleep. A fashion effect whose craze could well be due to the health crisis and the anxiety-inducing climate in which it has plunged us. The question of well-being has become paramount and with it, the desire to take care of oneself and to listen to one’s body and mind…. And for many people, this means using CBD first!



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