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Enjoying a cappuccino in the country atmosphere of a city garden: that’s the experience offered by flower cafés. Paris already has several of these cafés, and customers have been won over by these lush spaces designed for the pleasure of the senses. On the menu: drinks, pastries, and flowers On the menu: drinks, pastries, and flowers. At Désirée, the seasonal flowers are 100% French. At Peonies, there is a selection of vegetarian dishes (sweet and savory), as well as bouquets to compose yourself during flower arrangement workshops. The concept is being emulated and is being exported outside Paris, to Lille where the opening of the Bloom café is expected on October 8, where the preparations will also be flowery, like their rose or lavender latte.

More info on:, and on the Instagram account @bloom_coffeshop

By Emilie Besse