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The case is in the bag

Bold and green, the basketball bags signed Tomme (pronounced Tom) have everything to please. Founded across the Channel in 2014 by Kelly Gunner, the brand is, from the start, based on upcycling. After several attempts with the objects that surrounded her in her studio, hours of work, limitless creativity, the genius idea was staring her in the face. A fan of all kinds of sports, from tennis to BMX, a basketball player, she decided to open one of her balls, and that’s how in 2016 these unique bags were born. For the designer who likes to play on the ambivalence between masculine and feminine, these pieces are the perfect fusion. Since then, she has managed her brand solo and has been searching the world for the most beautiful balloons that will become pieces of art, unisex fashion pieces, and containers of a lifetime.

By Cheynnes Tlili