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Positive house

Pop’up House is a startup created by two engineers, Corentin Thiercelin andYves Lozachmeur, following an edifying observation: the heating of buildings represents 28% of the energy consumed each year in the world and constitutes the first item of energy expenditure. So they thought about the conception of tomorrow’s habitat: ecological, well designed, quick to assemble, and economical. Subsequently, the Pop’up House concept was born in 2014. Innovation being one of their priorities, in May 2020, Pop’up House accelerated its ecological approach and changed its insulation by proposing 100% bio-sourced buildings. Architectural houses combining innovative design and ecology: a real solution in the habitat of our future.


Pop’up House
Showroom to visit by appointment
Domaine du Petit Arbois
Avenue Louis Philibert
13100 Aix-en-Provence


By Mélissa Burckel