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From Sicily, we know Palermo, Catania, Etna, and Messina. This month, Acumen takes you to the west of the country to discover the Aegadian Islands, which are much more intimate and secret.

Better guarded than the Aeolian Islands, the Aegean Islands are true Sicilian pearls. Embark from Trapani ( more than an hour’s drive from Palermo) for the main destination of the archipelago, Favignana, and experience the island idleness of southern Italy. Once in the port, the blue and red fishermen’s boats , with their period aesthetics, set the trend: the sea will be on your plate. Since the 15th century, the Aegean Islands have been known for their tuna fishing and their numerous canning factories. It is very common to find it on the markets in all its forms (in bottarga, driedor flavored).

Located not far from Sardinia and Tunisia, the Arab influence is felt here. Fishing, for example, is carried out according to an old North African tradition , using a madrague (a huge net) in keeping with local folklore. Every spring (in May), the Mattanza takes place, the equivalent of bullfighting,where the bull is replaced by tuna and the iconic red cape by this famous oversized net. And if the Aegadians are so attached to the old customs, it is because the island keeps in it the vestiges of its history. At the top of the mountain that crosses the town stands the abandoned fort of Santa Caterina, beaten by the Normans in 1081, offering a breathtaking view.Its lands are also full of huge cavities, a legacy of the 241 BC battle of the Aegadis in which the Romans and Carthaginians clashed.

With the mountains in the background, the narrow streets and the unforgettable sunsets, the Aegean Islands are, without doubt, a small paradise still preserved from mass tourism. From Lido Burrone to Cala Rossa, the beaches of Favignana have nothing to envy of the Cyclades. An archipelago composed of three islands, Levanzo, Marettimo and Favignana, the latter being the most visited. The first, the smallest, perfect to cut yourself off from the worldwherecars are banned andwhere the only hotel on the island only welcomes forty travelers. here, eyes rest onlyon the green of nature, the blue of the limpid waters, and the white of the limestone cliffs. The second, the most remote, remains undoubtedly the wildest. Three islands with an authentic and bewitching beauty to discover without further delay.

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By Cheynnes Tlili