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Focus on Casa Josephine

Casa Josephine is the project of a lifetime: that of the Madrid duo Pablo López Navarro and Iñigo Aragón. After acquiring an old house in the Rioja region, the couple decided to restore and decorate it to make it a country house. With a limited budget, Pablo and Iñigo found a freedom without measure to give life to the place. With simplicity, balancing between the traditional and the contemporary, the tandem delights the travelers who stay in their cozy home. Clients flock to visit Casa Josephine and seek out the two art historians, whom fate will lead to create an interior design studio of the same name in Madrid in 2012.


From private residences to the scenography of the ARCO fair in Madrid, the Casa Josephine studio, with its bewitching universe, is guided by intuition and by a multicultural Mediterranean, a common thread between each project. The natural materials left raw, the warm colors brought by subtle touches, the mastered association of styles and artistic forms draw the spaces with elegance and humility.

Casa Josephine is an ode to art and its most diverse forms. From designer furniture to handcrafted creations, the different elements complement and enhance each other to create a true unity with the space. An artistic celebration that can be discovered in Pablo and Iñigo’s store in Madrid in the heart of La Latina district, and soon in a new country house in the Segovia region.


by Louise Conesa