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Kelly Wearstler x Farrow & Ball: The sunny colors of California at home

American designer Kelly Wearstler has teamed up with Farrow & Ball to create a California-inspired paint palette. 

For the first time in its seventy-five-year history, renowned British paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball is opening up to an outside collaboration, enlisting American interior designer Kelly Wearstler to create an original color palette.

Based in Los Angeles, Kelly Wearstler is known for her dramatic maximalist approach to decorating and her love of color. Entitled “The California Collection,” the Californian decorator’s eight-color palette draws its inspiration from the landscapes of the Golden State where she lives: fog brought in by the Pacific Ocean, palm trees lining the streets, sun reflected in the large windows of seaside homes and sand from the beaches of Malibu… Inspirations that bring a modern touch to Farrow & Ball’s palette, while corresponding to the spirit of the English manufacturer whose creations have celebrated local colors and landscapes since the beginning. “We want to demonstrate that just because we’re from England, it doesn’t mean you can only have a 500-year-old Georgian manor house to use our paints,” says Charlotte Crosby, Farrow & Ball’s head of creative and color expert. For Kelly Wearstler, who has been using Farrow & Ball’s paint in her projects for more than 20 years, the collaboration was a natural fit: “I always say that living without color is like living without love. So, it’s a dream to partner with Farrow & Ball on a collection of paintings that celebrate the emotions that can be evoked by color. “


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