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Fashion shows: a bit of optimism in Nicolas Di Felice’s first collection

For his first collection at the head of Courrèges, Nicolas Di Felice, the new artistic director, was inspired by the joyful heritage of the famous fashion house to project it into an optimistic future. The young prodigy has succeeded in creating a coherent and unmissable collection that reflects the expectations of our time.

Titled “I can feel your heartbeat,” the collection, placed under the sign of youth, optimism, celebration and love, inaugurates the reign of Nicolas Di Felice, who took over as artistic director of Courrèges in September 2020. The virtual fashion show shown as a video on March 3rd took place in La Station-Gare des Mines at the Porte d’Aubervilliers, the epicenter of dance and a mecca for the Parisian underground scene. A huge white open-air box was used as a podium for the models who walked around to the sound of music immersing the spectator in a clubbing atmosphere. Dressed mainly in black and white with a few looks in pink, red and navy blue, the determined-looking models walked to the sound of a voice repeating “Let’s go!” that was reminiscent of the repetitive vibrations of a heartbeat.


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