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Clubhouse, the new application disrupting the world of social media

The latest social network, Clubhouse, is generating a worldwide craze that is now spreading to France. Beyond its exponential growth and the possible new trend, will this new medium manage to define a new way of communicating in the universe of digital interactions, and restore more authentic exchanges far from the hateful comments that abound on other platforms? Analysis of an application that could turn digital interactions upside down.

Tired of Instagram’s polished publications, of trolls’ cynical little phrases on Twitter, of Linkedin’s corporate publications or of TikTok’s choreographies; what if you switched to Clubhouse? What is Clubhouse? Clubhouse is the latest social network and it’s growing exponentially with over 8 million downloads. Available only by invitation and on iOS, this digital platform is unlike any other.

The principle? Here, no photo, no video, no written messages, no hashtags, the only medium is the voice. Once the user has obtained the golden ticket to register, they can exchange live and in person, in pairs or in groups, thanks to the “rooms”. These sort of virtual conference rooms can be created by any user about the topic of their choice. In these virtual agoras that can accommodate up to five thousand participants, improvised moderators lead the discussions and everyone, expert or neophyte, can intervene by “raising their hand” via a button or simply listen however long they’d like. Clubs on various topics – for example African literature, bitcoin, keys to successful fundraising, meditation, relationships, among many others – bring users together around common interests. Ergonomic and easy to use, Clubhouse also offers surprisingly high audio quality. Another unique feature of the application is that conversations are not recorded.