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A Michelin star for ONA, the first starred vegan restaurant in France

With its vegetal floor and its wooden furniture, the restaurant ONA – Origine Non Animale – stands out in Arès, a small town in the Arcachon basin known for its oysters and its hunters. Here, everything is vegan. This is what seduced the Michelin Guide inspectors, who intend to celebrate the diversity of culinary styles at ONA with this new star.

A success, but above all a great reward, for its chef Claire Vallée who, just a few years ago, obtained a doctorate in archaeology. However, after an introduction to the restaurant business in Switzerland, she was seized by her passion for cooking and gradually switched from mineral to vegetable. During a trip to Thailand, she discovered vegetarianism. Immediately seduced by this cuisine that respects humans, the environment, and especially animals, Claire Vallée decided to open a vegan restaurant. 

But her project received little support upon her return to France, especially from banks, who did not believe in it. She then sought participative financing, through which she raised 10,000 € and finally obtained the support of the Nef, an ethical and solidarity bank. Her restaurant, ONA, was born in 2016, after several months of work carried out by a team of over eighty volunteers.

Claire Vallée advocates a cuisine that is both plant-based and gourmet. Vegetables are no longer simple accompaniments, but are at the heart of the plate, along with herbs, spices, cereals and even seaweed. This elegant and refined cuisine, made from organic and local products, is available in two menus, for lovers of vegetables as well as those curious about gastronomy. Fir tree, sake, tonka, yuzu… these are all ingredients that promise an unforgettable culinary journey. ONAdore !




3 bis, rue Sophie-et-Paul-Wallerstein, 33740 Arès 

05 56 82 04 06