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Daft Punk’s separation: A look back at the legendary duo in five key facts

Two words, two musicians, one identity that left its mark on the history of music. The announcement of the separation of Daft Punk, in a video entitled “Epilogue” and published on YouTube, was a bombshell for all electronic music lovers. After twenty-eight years of loyal service, the group is bowing out. This ambassadors of the “French touch” leave behind them about thirty tracks, each more heterogeneous than the last, which will remain in everyone’s mind. Acumen revisits the course of this legendary duo of French musicians in five outstanding facts. Listen to the music!

A “good to throw away” band

You may not know it, but at the beginning, Daft Punk were three. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo formed the trio Darlin’ with guitarist Laurent Brancowitz. But Brancowitz soon joined the group Phoenix and the trio became a duo. In 1993, the group took the name “Daft Punk,” after the publication of an acerbic article in the British magazine Melody Maker described their music as “daft punky trash” (lame punk, just good to throw away). The two musicians were seduced by this degrading name and inspired to name their new musical association after it!