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Rodolphe Barsikian’s digital art on display in the heart of Paris

“Vie Digitale,” Rodolphe Barsikian’s new solo exhibition at Galerie Joseph, is a graphic and avant-garde journey into the heart of a dematerialized matter, vibrant with emotion.

Draughtsman, inventor of plastic forms, relying on digital techniques such as the computer and the mouse or graphic design software, Rodolphe Barsikian is an artist of today. A fan of vector drawing, his abstract compositions, with controlled geometric forms, are marked by his fascination for disorder.

The two floors occupied by this first exhibition entirely devoted to the artist offer ample opportunity to admire his most recent large-scale works. From the entrance, the scenography, conceived with the collaboration of Paul Ardenne, invites one to immerse oneself in a true visual journey, beginning with a library of forms entitled “Sequences.” Bringing together paintings and sculptures, as well as three-dimensional, modular arrangements that can be likened to altarpieces with digital forms, the path plunges the visitor into a visual journey resonating with the artist’s emotions.


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